Taxes impact your everyday life and your everyday life impacts your taxes.

With more than a decade of experience serving individuals, families, and small businesses, the team at Uptown Discovery Group are the experts you can trust. The team is committed to providing accurate and efficient tax preparation services for every client. For this reason, Uptown Discovery Group maintains a boutique feel, providing a level of service that’s hard to find in large chain companies.

Recognizing that your tax needs don’t always end on April 15th, UDG serves as a year-round resource for clients. Personalized services include:
Federal and state tax return preparation
Amended tax return preparation
99% accuracy on first return filings
Flat-rate pricing, so you get no surprises
Convenient drop-off services
Business taxes
Maintenance of copies of returns
our mission

Education is essential

After observing the high levels of frustration individuals and small business owners experienced during tax season, Shay made a decision to put her undergraduate degrees and her MBA to work taking the hassle out of tax preparation.

Uptown Discovery Group was founded with a mission to educate clients and tax professionals.

Our training curriculum for tax professionals is based upon real life scenarios and is updated in real time so it’s most relevant to the issues our clients face.

We pride ourselves on educating our customers about the tax return process, with a special focus on showing people the credits and deductions they qualify for and the reasons why.

When our customers know how their everyday life will impact their taxes they can make empowered financial decisions. (Like getting married, starting a business, buying a house, having a baby, etc)

Satisfied Clients Are

Educated and Empowered

"I've been knowing Shay for 2 years and I can say that she and her team are truly amazing. They are so knowledgeable and break down everything to understanding. Enough for a child to comprehend. This is 1 of the best investments I've made for myself and my business."

Macara S

"It becomes so hard as an entrepreneur to understand how your business will take care of your personal life. I understand more about my finances because of the thorough guidance from Shay. Now it all makes sense. I always know that when I need her help or have questions about changes in my life, she is one call away. I have more financial goals because of her theory on Stewardship in finance. She is a believer and because of her faith, her clients trust her judgment and wisdom about their individual tax situations."

Ashley R.

"Working with Shay was an absolute pleasure! She is so informative, quick to respond, and easy to work with. After utilizing her LLC services, I will definitely reach out to her again in the future as I had such a positive first experience. Thanks so much for making a seemingly difficult process so seamless!"

Ashley H.

"Took the tax training and the class was very engaging and informative. Best investment for my business. I highly recommend Shay and Michael, they are very helpful and they explained everything thoroughly."


Phenomenal services. I have used her services for the past 2 years. Very fast and efficient. Professional and quite pleasant to work with. I would definitely recommend 100%."

Tiffany P

"Shay is friendly and extremely knowledgeable. She explains things in a manner that you understand so that you can make better decisions for the following tax year. Her team is very professional and works not only fast but accurately.

Lanitra P

"The fastest response time I've ever seen in my entire life when submitting an online contact us request. That did it for me! She is very informative and knowledgeable. I love amazing customer service and she truly provides it. I'll definitely be working with her."

Brittany R.

"I have been a client for the past 6 years and I am so pleased to see the growth of my tax preparer and her company. No better group of people to educate you on the new Tax Laws and handle your finances professionally and accurately."

Ashley N.

"Shay is definitely THE TRUTH!!! She is amazing and very knowledgeable. I will always be a customer."

Connie D.
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Our Process


Tax Specialities



our founder

shay mcnuckles

An emerging leader in the tax industry, Shay has strategically turned her knack for numbers into a profitable tax brand that has realized quantifiable growth in terms of staffing, clientele and partnerships.

Shay began as a one-woman shop in 2008 and reached a significant milestone in 2019 after training more than 60 tax specialists to serve the brand’s growing clientele. Built on the values of integrity and customer service, the exponential growth of Shay’s tax brand is, in part, attributed to a partnership she successfully negotiates with Cricket Wireless, a national telecommunications provider. As a result of this partnership, Shay’s tax business expanded from one to four locations – serving clients not only at the base office but aslo at Cricket Wireless locations throughout the North Texas region during the 2019 tax season.

Experiencing such marked success with her tax brand, Shay extended her entrepreneurial pursuits into real estate investment with the founding of the J&S Investment Groupe in 2018. within months of adding real estate investment to her business portfolio, Shay obtained the necessary capital to acquire and fund the rehabilitation of several properties in the North Texas region, which she now owns and operations.

Within an innate proclivity and desire to give back, Shay enjoys opportunities to share her knowledge, experiences and insights as a mentor with young aspiring entrepreneurs. In addition, Shay’s insights have been featured across various media to include podcasts and print publications, including “Geek Plus Magazine.” moreover, via her business operations, she supports an annual scholarship for young girls pursuing business degrees.

Prior to becoming a full-time entrepreneur, this self-proclaimed “numbers nerd” turned real estate investor worked for nearly a decade in the public and private sectors, holding various senior human resources roles at world-renowned Fortune 500 companies. In addition to having earned various tax preparation certifications as well as the coveted PHR designation from Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM). Shay holds an MBA in Human Resources Management and bachelor’s degree in Consumer Science Management from the University of Houston. Shay resides in North Texas and is a longtime member of the Antioch Church. During her free time, she enjoys international traveling, reading, volunteering and spending time with family.

Meet Our Team


training director

Michael has been with Uptown Discovery Group for 5 years and currently serves as the Training Director. He is responsible for all aspects of Training and operations oversight of UDG. He also serves in the specialty area of Non-Profit, Church, and Clergy tax preparation. Michael provides an easy-to-understand explanation of taxes so that the ‘common person will understand their tax situation. Michael has over 20 years of experience in corporate training and has also served as the Founding/Senior Pastor of Purpose Church of Denton for the past 9 years. He is married with 3 wonderful adult kids and 3 grandchildren. He enjoys teaching and causing people to experience ‘a-ha’ moments when they learn something new that they did not know before. Chat with Michael if you’re an individual looking for a knowledgeable tax professional.


Compliance Manager

Ayanna has been with Uptown Discovery group for 2 years and currently serves in the area of 1099 and Small Business tax preparation. She has a true love for learning and sharing what she learns with others. Having a passion for entrepreneurship, assisting business owners with tax preparation has become an important part of her tax career. In addition to being a tax professional, Ayanna is a Licensed massage therapist. She enjoys being able to help people relax and feel better with their finances and their self-care. As an entrepreneur herself, she has the personal knowledge that’s needed to help with organizing and preparation of tasks in your business. Schedule a chat with Ayanna if you’re looking for a little push.


Tax Practitioner- Specializing in Individuals taxes

Blair joined UDG 2 years ago and specializes in tax preparation for individuals and corporate professionals. She is also well versed in small business tax preparation. Blair is an optimistic, hard-working, and dedicated tax professional. She’s always lending an extra hand and going the extra mile for her clients to find answers and solutions to their tax problems. Her clients would describe her as being very sweet and helpful. Blair enjoys traveling, during our slow months you can find her exploring different states and countries. Allow Blair to walk alongside you step by step through the tax preparation process.


Tax Resolution Specialist

Autumn hit the ground running when she joined UDG over a year ago. She’s the go-to for all individual and corporate professionals. With over 20 years of customer service-related experience, Autumn provides a high-quality level of service to her clients. She’s known for being down-to-earth and the best person to get along with. Autumn enjoys traveling and exploring new things. When she’s not hard at work for all of her UDG clients, you can catch her listening to her favorite 70’s R&B music. Schedule a chat with Autumn when you’re ready to work with a tax pro like no other.


Tax Practitioner- Specializing in Small Business & Real Estate taxes

Charnetta is a seasoned tax practitioner that specializes in both real estate/investing taxation in addition to small businesses. She is driven, determined, honest, and a person who isn’t afraid to take on a challenge. Charnetta understands new business owners may need direction and she’s a valuable resource to all of her clients. You can find Charneta crafting in her spare time. Chat with Charnetta if you require a little motivation and patience.


Tax Practitioner, Specializing in Investment Income Taxes & Real Estate Taxes

Shonda Hardy is a certified Senior Tax Specialist and joined UDG in 2017. Shonda assists individuals and organizations in quarterly and annual federal tax planning, filing, and/or compliance. She brings over 6 years of individual and small business tax expertise to Uptown Discovery Group. . In her current role, she is an individual, small business, and investor tax specialist. She’s made of sugar, spice, and tax advice! Shonda’s clients appreciate her for her candid and humorous personality. Contact Shonda if you need to understand taxes from a small business or investor perspective.


Tax Practitioner, Specializing in Individual taxes

Jill specializes in individual and small business taxes. She’s an organized, punctual, and caring tax professional. Jill enjoys one on one conversations and all things art! After speaking with Jill you’ll find she’s loving and healing. Contact Jill if you’re looking to work with someone who is patient and will go to great lengths to achieve the best possible solution for her clients.


Tax Practitioner, Specializing in Individual & Small Business taxes

Alexis, you can call her Alex, is entering her 5th tax season with Uptown Discovery Group specializing in individual & small business returns after being first tax certified in 2005. She brings with her 15+ years of revenue management, pricing, & contract experience as well as a keen attention to detail. She’s able to relate & build lasting relationships with our clients through her experience and overall memorable client service experience. As a tax professional, she strives to always go above and beyond for every client and to always do what’s best for each client. Chat with Alex if you have questions regarding your small business or W-2. You’re in good hands with Alex.


Tax Practitioner, Specializing in Individual & Small Business taxes

Candace is originally from Monahans Tx. She started with UDG in 2019. She’s prepared taxes for 7 years and specializes in Small Business taxation. Candace thrives in environments like UDG which allows her to learn continuously. You can count on her to continue researching a complicated tax matter to achieve positive results for her clients. She’s friendly, helpful, and curious. Candace is a top resource for Black entrepreneurs, ensuring they receive the education to understand how taxes impact their businesses. Contact Candace if you need a small business tax professional.


Tax Practitioner, Specializing in Individual & Small Business taxes

Ricketta specializes in individual and corporate professionals’ tax returns. She’s a dedicated and reliable tax professional who’s client service driven. Ricketta strives to provide high-quality service to exceed all client demands and expectations. She’s known for being helpful, dependable, consistent, and accountable. When she’s not helping corporate professionals, you can find her baking and cooking new recipes. If you have W-2 income and you need assistance understanding your deductions, contact Ricketta to walk you through it.